Welcome to Addis Ababa Bible College!

We believe God has called you to attend ABC to equip you to better serve him, his kingdom, and the people of Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa, and the world. We are committed to helping you become a mature disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, dependent on the Holy Spirit, and skilled in your ministry gifting’s in order to have an increased impact on this country and to bring glory to God

ABC is a learning and serving environment, which consists of a pleasant campus, gifted faculty, strong academic programs, and a vibrant student body. But ABC is much more. It is a dynamic, spiritual environment which will impact your values, behavior, and ministry for the rest of your life. Training extends beyond the classroom and the library. It includes daily chapels, prayer meetings, dormitory life, and cafeteria fellowship that will contribute to the transformation of your spiritual life. God has sent you to ABC to grow in your relationship with him, in your understanding of his word and his voice, and in your skills for ministry. The guiding principles for living at ABC are godliness, servanthood, growth, and excellence. Those who follow Jesus must become more like him in word, deed, and attitude. You are expected to be a servant in your relationships with your fellow students, the faculty, and the staff. You should be committed to continuous growth in your relationship with God, your knowledge of His word, and your ministry to people. And because you are called by God, you must pursue excellence in everything you do.