Chapel Attendance

Chapel attendance is taken daily. Pastoral committee members are assigned to a particular chapel checker. Students are responsible to notify their chapel checker before chapel begins that they are present. A student coming to chapel ten minutes after chapel starts will be considered absent.

Students are encouraged to attend chapel independently of their daily class schedule. Day students must attend chapel on the days that they have a class immediately before or after chapel. If they do not have a class just prior to or following chapel, attendance on those days is optional but encouraged.

Both boarding and non-boarding students are allowed up to six chapel absences per semester. Even these six absences are to be for significant reasons. If one exceeds the number of allowed absences, she will be required to meet with the Dean of Students and may be called before the Student Life Committee .A record of unsatisfactory chapel attendance will result in disciplinary action. Excessive absences from chapel may result in suspension from the College for one semester or dismissal.